Coming Soon in the Extras tab

So just casually going through the extras and noticed this

there is a coming soon section in the Extras menu.

what do you guys think is going to go there?


Obviously some new unlockables are on the way. The Extras tab has things like Audio, Cinematics, and Concept are right? Let’s start throwing out guesses, shall we?
-ULTIMATES for viewing. Wishful thinking, gotta get that out of the way.
-Stage Viewer?
-KI2 music and other unlocks for sprucing up practice mode, though these would probably just go under Audio… Right?
-Shadow Lords archive stuff? Unlikely.
-Developer Commentary
-In game Clip Viewer? Meh.
-Credits? Maybe.
-Community Corner
-Tutorial Videos!
-Maybe just stuff that’s Coming Soon? Like a preview area?

I think for brevity’s sake I’ll say that’s all I have. But if you ask me, this could hint at a raised level cap… Hear me out. I think I saw one of the devs in the patch notes say something along the lines of "we could raise the level cap, but we’d need to get you more stuff to unlock with it first :wink: "


Any and all those ideas don’t sound half bad. Eother way I’m pretty excited again. Mystery is in the air.

I’ve heard of this menu, but I can’t seem to find it. Where is the extras menu?

It’s inside the store section next to fighters and skins

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Ahh thanks.

Omg is it the instinct KI action figure MKX style viewer

See the character instinct animation in slo mo? (Drools)

Looks like they’re actually doing it, planning on adding in bite-sized content to monetize the game like we’ve been asking them to. There is no other reason a coming soon section would need to exist.

New costumes?

I would love this. It would be great if the Devs reached out to the experts to make and edit video guides for each character to put in the game. They would have to approach the fans because they cannot accept unsolicited fan content.

Already exist! I believe if you select the character in the customization menu (when you choose your slots), you can view both their cinematic trailer and a combo video with them in it.

I don’t quite know where the credits are, but you can play them at any time somewhere.