Coming back to KI

After being some time away from KI due to work / other games / family, I started my KI game while another game was being upgraded… and all I can say is - how the hell have missed this fu**** awesome game for so long?

Playing with Rash was so funny I cannot understand how it was not done before. I feel sometimes a little sad the majority of my friends will move to PS4 due to SFV exclusivity, but when I check the awesome work IG / MS has done to KI I remember I did the right choice, and now with PC version I hope more people can try this incredible game.

Thanks all!


Welcome back, I have the feeling that KI is just getting started.

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Yeap. I got the same feeling as well. Bad or not, I think SFV made MS invest more on KI in other to make a it back. Let’s hope we benefit from it.

Just the quality of animation in Rash makes me think they got a budget increase over the last season, he looks phenomenal.

Well, I for 1 am happy. Glad to hear you are too, Claudio. :slight_smile:

Agreed +1
And if we can assume that’s his classic. I can’t wait to see his default .

And remember that the Rash we are playing now is still in production so its not complete yet! I’m excited to use the final product!

Must be paying Someone annoying to do his dialouge as well

To be fair, most if the time when they said the characters were still in production the animations hardly changed with a few exceptions.

I’m not a huge Battletoads fan, but it is readily evident that Rash was created with loving care. He is so completely recognizable as a battletoad, his moveset has been perfectly transitioned to the game so that it is instantly recognizable as the fighting style from Battletoads but well adapted to KI. Plus the music. It makes me look forward to his stage. I’m getting to the point in life where I have seen and played a lot of games, and frankly, I just really like to see things that are thoughtfully handled - and clearly Rash has been.

PS welcome back to KI. It is still the best game on X1 in my opinion.

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I find it interesting that Rash looked better during the install process because that wasn’t his retro, whereas after install, we get his retro. On top of that, there’s like 2-3 moves in his trailer that he doesn’t appear to have in-game (like with his axe-kick, for example). :wink:

Yeah, there is definitely more that has already been done on Rash than what we have in the beta.

Street fighter 5 was at gamescom… and i still played more of killer instinct lol

Welcome back! :grin:

Welcome back to the KI community and overall to Killer Instinct. Really glad to see you back too, my fellow KI fan :smile: