Coming back after a break, my inputs on crossup are being reversed?

Did something happen to the game that makes it so when I’m trying to do a QCF, I get a QCB (and vice versa) when someone is crossing me up? Its super annoying. I’m hoping it either gets fixed or there’s just something I’m not understanding…

It’s a bug that was supposedly fixed yesterday but apparently it wasn’t.


Ah ok. At least its a known issue that is being addressed. Thanks!

Gonna have to test this but if this is true then it means you can not only block meaty cross ups by holding the original direction but you can option select a reversal in the original direction too, so ambiguous cross ups are now neither a mixup nor a pressure tool as you can block or reversal against them regardless.

I need to test this to confirm but if this is the case then damn that’s messed up.

Okay I have just tested this, inputs do not seem to be reversed for special moves. For a meaty cross up from Spinal I had to input a DP or shadow wind kick in the new direction for a cross up rather than being able to input it in the original direction.

Yeah, I just tried again in practice and wasn’t having an issue. Maybe it was just me, or the new patch fixed it.