Comeback City


So yeah, guess decisions were on point.


Not gonna lie, that beginning juggle to get that lockout looked pretty sick


I do love seeing really good Cinder juggles, but the icing on the cake is that they are comebacks. That’s good Cinder play.


@s0undy44 That was awesome! Looks like your Cinder channeled my Sadira! Who needs a life bar!!! :smiley:


I’ll be honest, after watching your vid I had this realisation of: Oh, I can post this on the forums, people do that.


Absolutely post your comeback vids!!!


You should have lost to that Jago lol


Well, this is not a Cinder gameplay, but it’s still a Comeback (so I suppose it would fit to the topic Comeback City)… Old times when trying to rank up, exactly on the “graduation fight” from silver to gold…


Did you forget to add the link to your fight? :wink:


Just, click on the word “this”… It had the link since it was posted :wink:


So this little thing happened to me today at 6 am.