Combo Breakers - Best indicator to look for

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What’s the best indicator to look for when watching for a combo breaker opportunity?

I play Jago. I can’t tell from looking at him what strength of attack he was hit with. Especially with multi hit attacks.

I’m trying sound as well but it’s really ambiguous due to the variance in the sound at times. Often the hit sounds sounds like it crosses over between attacks.

I’m also trying spotting the size of the hit burst effect. That’s probably the clearest indicator I’ve seen, which isn’t saying a lot considering this game is full of particle effects. Nice particle effects, but distracting, regardless.

I’ve tried watching for the difference in animation speed for my attacker but Jago seems to be the only one that has vary clear differences in his attack weights (that I’ve played this far). So it would seem that I’ve have to learn every character to do that… all 28 of them… 168 wildly different attacks…

Gosh, I really should’ve been an early adopter…

Anyway, what do you think is the most clear and universal indicator?

Honestly, the auto doubles and Jago’s character model are the best for me, personally. You don’t have to memorize all AD animations. You more or less have to notice the speed.

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I’ve actually got no clue what half the AD’s in the game look like - I break almost solely on the speed of what’s hitting me, with a dash of prediction thrown in depending on the opponent and situation.

That’s not to say I don’t unconsciously recognize a lot of the animations (I’m pretty sure playing a lot has left me with an intuitive sense of what things look like), but overall I don’t think you need to try and systematically learn what everything looks like. I recommend only going for breaka on what you recognize; start with reaction breaking heavies, and then as you continue on expand that as you begin to “see” mediums and linkers and such.


STORM hit it right on the head! pretty awesome coming from a top level player!