Combo breakering a shadow move? help?

I watched Maximillian’s vid of how to breaker a show move, but he said Medium Punch + Medium Kick on 3 of the 5 hits. I tried doing this, and it doesn’t work all the time. Some times I have to break shadows with heavies, or lights. I’m also still kinda new to KI, as far as skill goes. And started playing it since it was the free game with gold thing. I do have combo assist off, though. But I also know KI is one of those games that one update, can change how everything is played (such as season 3’s update), so I don’t know how to know which buttons to press to break a shadow move, I have to take a guess.

I’ve found that when breaking Shadow moves, the breaker you use isn’t very important. I’ve use lights, heavies, and mediums to break them at any given time. Of you’re having trouble breaking them, it might be a timing thing. Even if you know the rhythm at which to break a shadow you can mess up and get locked out if your timing is just a bit off.
Hope it helps. Welcome to Killer Instinct, by the way. :slight_smile:

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When breaking a shadow move you can use all three strength breakers since shadow moves are not a specific strength.

So you can break them with:
Lights (light punch and light kick)
Mediums (medium punch and medium kick)
and Heavies (heavy punch and heavy kick)

As long as you know the timing of 3 out of 5 hits you should be fine.

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Thank you for the welcoming! Haha. Hmm if that’s the case, then the game just doesn’t register the lights or mediums, like I don’t even get a lockout half the time when I’m trying to break. Maybe its just me, I’ll try to practice some more. Thank you for the help

You might also be trying to break openers or enders, neither of which are breakable under normal circumstances (though going opener>ender with no linkers or auto doubles is super breakable)
That, or it could be a controller issue.
Hope it gets sorted out soon.

Go into practice mode, record the opponent doing a combo and have them do the shadow move you want to practice breaking. Next play it back and just practice breaking the shadow move.

Or you can check out @Infilament guide on Shadow Linker breaking:

Don’t know what you’re using but it def feels different using each of the strength to break shadows, I’d pin it on hand placement and it being a bit more difficult to break in time at certain hand positions.

I also have issues breaking shadows and try to use the right stick but I can’t ever tell if am off because the stick didn’t return to neutral position and pressing two buttons three times in a specific time window is also pretty difficult especially when I can’t tell if I hit one button faster than the other messing up my break attempt. Wish they would just let me press one button when breaking shadow moves.

The really important thing to know is that you can’t break all shadow moves.

If the shadow move is an opener, you can never break it. To simplify, an opener basically just means the first special move. So if someone just does a raw shadow move in your face, you can’t break it. If they cancel a normal into a shadow move, you can’t break it. It has to be mid-combo (so, after some other special move). If someone does a normal wind kick followed by some other combo nonsense followed by shadow wind kick, you can break that. If someone does a shadow wind kick and then another shadow wind kick, you can’t break the first one (opener) but you can break the second one.

If the shadow move is an ender (you can typically tell an ender because it launches you into the air), or a shadow fireball (like Jago or Spinal), you can’t break that either.

But if your opponent does a shadow move mid-combo (and it’s not a fireball), you can break it. Use the link in CStyles’s post to practice the timing in your browser!

You can also use any strength to break shadow moves. There is no difference between the different strengths during attempts to break shadow moves.

1, 2, 3, Combo Breaker! Its the only guessing game in this KI now… :neutral_face:

and this is why this game is so awesome, it’s so much more than each player choosing a dial up combo and the other having to wait and watch the same inputs and end result.

Breakers change up the game and offer a unique experience EVERY TIME

Just bear in mind that the 3 of the 5 hits can be any, even spaced out and that the break inputs normally come just before the hits are about to connect.