Combo Breaker ideas? for those who think breaking happens too much

Good day folks While searching throughout the forums I noticed a lot of players mentioning that combo breakers have become almost second nature and happening very often. While personally I think the current breaker system is fine I thought I could throw some ideas to potentially improve / change the current combo breaking system. One idea is what if you were locked out after breaking a combo? Basically after player 1 successfully breaks a combo they are locked out for a short amount of time so if player 2 manages to start a new combo, player 1 would have to wait before he has another chance to try and break another combo. I think this first idea could also reward players for playing smart footsies as I see a lot of people blindly rush in and rely on combo breakers to save them if they mess up. Timing for these “Combo Breaker lockouts” could vary I would say they need to be pretty short due to how much damage one could get from free combos, how fast matches can get and while I know I’m saying players should be locked out for correctly guessing the right hit strength I think it shouldn’t last too long. What do you guys think about combo breakers right now?

Just…don’t touch it. It’s the best course of action.


I’m player 2. I start a combo. I only use heavy doubles to maximize damage. I never use shadow linkers. You break me. Now you can’t perform a breaker for a while. Now I open you again, but now I go full damage with optimal combos during your “no breakers” status, and use shadow moves as damage increase.

Result: 2 way interaction is dead, I will force you into breaking because it’s interesting for my strategy, all the breakable combos will be the same(heavy autodoubles, since I’m fishing for breakins to deal you big damage later) and you will never see a shadow linker.

So, a bad idea IMO

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almost killed me by laughing too much XD … but as I stated I think the current system is fine just throwing ideas to the wolves that complain about combo breakers.

Yeah, but then it will just attract unneeded attention. As of right now…there is no solution to the supposed “problem”.

Essentially they want a completely new engine. Which isn’t going to happen.

Yeh that’s a good point actually thinking about it now the lockout will be either too short to matter or too long to where a player can get max damage while safe. About result 2 I think it would have been an interesting way to teach players who just wind kick all the time and rely on breakers when it fails. If they were to implement my idea honestly maybe nerfing damage for everyone could help but ultimately it depends especially since I’m not using actual damage slash time measurements :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a method for punishing that:
Counter breakers.
Or fish lockouts with linkers and manuals

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I like the lockout timings as they are.

I do think if I could change one thing with the system I’d make it so miss timed counter breakers where your opponent locks out just before you hit it result in a neutral reset as opposed to the counterbreaker getting opened to a full punish like they currently are.

I think it would just a little more of the risk of doing counters away, and make the players who just barely miss timed the counter (but pretty much made the correct read) less salty as they’ll still be punished by losing the damage they would have had for finishing the combo but they wouldn’t necessarily get combo punished as well.

It’s funny Cause I get A LOT of complaints whenever I adjust to a player’s style when playing online. TO the point of them saying “Counter breakers are too long” despite the fact that it’s a gamble used to punishing breaking patterns(such as constantly breaking Heavy linkers) What I’m saying is many people who play this game (especially new players) really need to learn to mix their strategies up and change how they play constantly through a match. I thought this could have been a workaround way to change up the breaking game but It’s opinion based if you hate it fair enough I’m just bored right now and thinking of ideas.

People are funny

Playing FIFA against a new player(less than 5 hours playing any FIFA, no achievements, clearly didn’t knew how to play), I won easily. I scored 3 Free kicks in a row. Obviously, I can’t throw a free kick if he doesn’t commit a fault previously. After the match, he sent me a message claiming that FK were broken and I didn’t deserved that goals.

I replied that there was an easy way to avoid FK goals: Not making faults. Sometimes is inevitable, but this one was being careless about them

There is an easy way to avoid Counter breakers: Don’t be predictable about your combo breaking. Sometimes you will eat one CB, but it’s not the same as eating 3 per round.
If someone eats 3 CBs per round, the problem is theirs. They try to break too much in obvious points


Maybe their should be a Babby mode in KI where stuff like combo breaker lockouts are a thing for those who complain? XD

I remember back before season 3 they didn’t give you a notification of when the breaker was going to end. I don’t miss those days because now it just adds to more mind games IMO.

It could be take some of instinct meter everytime u break. Ppl will be less likely to guess brake and waste meter if not guessed right.

I would start to do Heavy autodoubles to waste your instinct, so you can’t break, and then proceed to use damaging combos. I would use shadow linkers only when you can’t break them

If the amount of instinct meter is minimal, then any hit would give you instinct enough to break anything, making this change irrelevant.

So, a bad change at the end

There is a way to punish with at least a 35% damage combo(character depending, some characters can easily deal +45% without meter, with meter some skyrockets to 70%) any guess break: Counter breaking

Counter breaking >>>>>> Any crazy mechanic that people could pull to avoid guess breaking

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