Combo Breaker Exploit?

Hi guys,
i have been noticing the last few days that alot of players can combo break you instantly. I’m not sure if i suck or if there is an exploit that is being used.
I would start a combo and then got broken immediately. I tried to mix things up but again it gets broken immediately.
Playing ranked and non ranked matches. Same result.
Is anyone else experiencing the same?

Video would help a lot. If you can find the replay, watch it with the inputs on to see if that’s the issue.

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There is no exploit, some times people will guess correctly (even many times in a row).

There are techniques for helping with this. One easy one is to go from your opener directly into a linker, because linkers (unlike auto-doubles) cannot be broken for a brief period at the beginning. If they try, they will get locked out.


If someone is consistently breaking you faster than should seem possible (i.e. first-frame breaks or breaking before your AD even seems to hit them), then I actually recommend just tossing heavies at them. A lot of times people who guess break “go looking” for you after they guess break you successfully - they know that you’re likely to go away from whatever strength you were just broken on, and will instead randomly break one of the other strengths. Many times, if it’s clear the opponent isn’t looking to react and is simply mashing out breakers, then it’s better to just stick to a single strength (your most damaging and easy to confirm from). They’ll get an early lockout trying to “find” you, and you get to hit them for 50% because they locked out super early while you were just tossing heavies at them.

Thank you all for your suggestions.
I will definitely try them all out tonight.

They can see the future! :astonished: nah, just take what the guys said and you will see it will help you against guess breaking.

If someone is doing “first frame breaks”, as we’ve come to call them, the easiest way to deal with them is to skip your auto-double and just immediately counter-break after an opener. You can go right into a damage loop and net a free 40-70%

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Sounds like the opponent is really good (lucky) at guess breaking AND can also read animations and react. A combination of these 2 can be frustrating, especially if they have a good neutral and fundamentals. I’ve had matches like this where they result in timeout or nearly a timeout.

Also, the counterbreaker change made counterbreakers much less effective online due to a any possible slight rollback resulting in “getting robbed”. Unfortunately theres no way at the moment to determine how strong the internet connection will be to your opponent. Theres no frame delay marker, no ping marker, bars, nothing,

Not to turn this into another counter breaker topic, but just want to clarify that, for the types of combos the OP is talking about, there is absolutely 0 change to the counter breaker system since Season 1. It’s always possible to “get robbed” by counter breaking a frame late. It’s a bummer, but it’s happened often since S1 and the player has to take responsibility for not counter breaking earlier. If you were happy with your counter breaker timing and you still weren’t early enough, well, that’s how she goes sometimes. You can often miss counter-hitting a jab by 1 frame as well. You have to brush it off, understand that some amount of “close but not quite” variance happens in every fighting game, and continue with the match.