Combo Breaker and CEO 2018

The first of the two tournaments we’re supporting has been announced and it’s COMBO BREAKER!

I know some of y’all are going. Sound off and let us know!



Now I gotta go…


“2018 will be the first COMBO BREAKER to feature the completed Killer Instinct with all 29 characters.”

Ouch. Those embers that I kept smoldering with the hopes that we’ll get more fighters just got stomped on. :persevere:

Glad to see that the Kilgore Fund will go to funding Combo Breaker though- I’ll be tuning in, that’s for sure! :slightly_smiling_face:


awesome but only 2 tournaments? :frowning:

Thank you @TotalJimkata and co. for this great news!

We hope for continued support for KI tournaments such as Combo Breaker and perhaps the PCK online tournament series finale! :smiley:

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The first two imply’s there will be more than 2…duuur!! lol

It says the “First of the two” Not “The first two.” The latter would imply there being more but the former definitely makes it clear there won’t be more than two.

umm… no it doesnt

My bad lol…

I thought there was to be a full announcment last week or this week? So where is the other 35 grand… will all 35 grand go tthe 2nd or will there be 20 grand left over for another tournament or something else?

My guess is maybe some will go to CEO, KIWC and my surprise hopeful will be for PCK’s online tournament.

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Ahhh I’m actually really scared to go but I really REALLY want to see my buds kev, storm, seraphs again…


You should go regardless! :smiley:


I may not be able to go anymore. It would involve me taking an entire week off of work which I wouldn’t be getting paid for.

yea come join! I haven’t met you yet

St. Charles is not too far from me – although an annoying drive. I’ve thought about heading up there just to meet people for a bit rather than compete.


a bit of us from Tx is carpooling & flying out there so you should def join us at cb

So far…

Obviously, I’m going. Combo Breaker has been one of those annual must tournaments you should attend.

Wish I could attend this tournament but I lack the funds to do so :disappointed_relieved:

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