COMBO BREAKER 2018 Killer Instinct Hype Reel (LIVE)

IT. IS. HERE. #playki #cb18 #kihypereel

I hope you guys enjoy this one of a kind reel! I’ve never done a reel with 100% live footage, however with the current problems streamers are having with revenue stealers (My channel is royalty free btw), I wanted to stay fully original and not use any stream footage at this time.

I tried to get as many players and close pool sets as I could as it was very crowded as you can imagine! If I left out any players it was not intentional and I hope you still enjoy this amazing KI community reel!


Good stuff man

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Awesome job! Thanks for sharing!

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Great work Street! Also great meeting you and Sinclair!

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I appreciate it guys!!! Media! What up man! It was great meeting you and kicking it… She says likewise, and we miss the tourney life already… :confounded: