Combo Breaker 2016 HYPE THREAD 9001

Hey everybody, how’s it going? Happy Friday-Eve.

This spot is reserved for general Combo Breaker 2016 discussion as the action happens! KI, SFV, Any of the games featured can be discussed here. I only ask that we keep it respectful; not only to the players, but also to the games and the tournament/tourney staff. Everyone involved on all levels have worked really hard to bring us something amazing.


Schedule/ETC may be found here:


■■■■ you too body.

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Really excited about Combo Breaker this year. I watched last year on stream and it was HYPE.

I want to go to an offline tourny someday.

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Thanks for this thread. I made one 2 weeks ago asking questions about combo breaker, and only one person. Answered it. That sort of pissed me off. I am not mad or upset with you, but it makes mead that not one moderater, or KI staff member would even send me that link that you have on the first post.

The reason I am upset is because I told my son a year ago that I would take him. He is 11 and has been looking forward to this for months.

Now someone in a stream a few days ago said I needed to get tickets. Is this true? And do they sell out? We were going to go on Sat.

I not mean to disrespect the OP in anyway or others in this thread, but I needed to vent.

Hey there! You should be good to take your son - the only “Cap” is on people playing SFV and Smash, I don’t think they will “sell out” of spectator passes. I’m pretty sure you and your son can just pay at the door!

No offense - but I found that in like 2 seconds via Google - I didn’t know the URL when I started the thread.

OK! Updated the OP with the schedule and streams.


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I IZ READY!!! We have Gargos coming out any minute now, plus Combo Breaker :slight_smile: I am pumped


Who will be streaming the KI stuff at CB? That is really all I am interested in watching this year lol

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Check the chart in my OP - it’s got a color coding system :smiley:

um no whoever said that may be only familiar with evo, and wrongly assumed all big tournaments are the same. ComboBreaker has always been 100% free to wander in and out of.

I’ll be there saturday and sunday nights. I ain’t bringin money either.

Ahh I didn’t see that the first look through, I didn’t scroll down enough :sweat_smile:

My son is excited. We will be there tomorrow. We will watch the KI tournament, and maybe the MKX tournament.

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