Combo Assist Mode

Im really curious about this mode because K1’s combo system is easy enough already for new ppl to understand so how would one button input help them understand quater circle motions? i already know i doesnt hurt neutral or anything in general, But on a more competitve side it seems to just baby newcomers without grinding to understand difficult motions. Seems like a mechanic like this would work better in MKX or Tekken imo

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iuno, a few examples with Jago:

  • crMK xx medium laser sword is a good footsie tool in neutral, which goes into a combo if it hits and leads to frame advantage if blocked. With combo assist this (as far as I can tell) becomes down+MK -> MP -> buttons.
  • With combo assist, double roundhouse can be cancelled into an opener with a button press on reaction if it hits, and followed up with buttons (e.g. crMK xx laser sword from above) if it gets blocked.
  • HP xx medium wind kick is a decent long-range poke into combo that is safe on block, a good option if you’re worried about double roundhouse getting shadow countered on reaction (but, er, you’re new to KI, so that shadow counter is probably not on the cards, so you should probably just abuse double roundhouse). This becomes HP -> MP -> buttons.

KI is a very pressure-driven game. The more I think about it, the more it becomes clear to me that combo assist really streamlines common pressure options. I imagine the PaulB special becomes some crouching button into doube-tap MK? Hopefully new players will have a lot of fun discovering this stuff.

EDIT: oh, I thought you were suggesting quarter-circles were easy enough and that this doesn’t make anything more accessible. On a re-read, it seems your concern is that new players won’t have to “earn” things by mastering quarter-circles like we had to. To that, I can only say that I kinda don’t care.
Oh, and “newcomers” and “competitive” are basically entirely disjoint concepts, so I don’t know why you’re saying anything about “a more competitive side”.

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