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I’ve searched a bit and seen some posts about this feature but I didn’t want to post in old threads. This doesn’t apply to just one character either so I just wanted to ask. What do you guys think of the combo assist? Is it worth it to learn to play without it?

Here’s the reason I ask. I’ve been maining as glacius so far and I don’t just mash out buttons as I know each of his enders and I do them fully rather than use the shortcut combo assist for the ender. I mainly use it for linkers. To me it just seems like it cuts out un-needed motion. I could be wrong and missing out as maybe it gives you that next level version of control that takes everything further.

The only other benefit I can think of is really learning to recognize the linkers better to get better at combo breaking.

I’m kinda enjoying the simplified motions combined with knowing how to control it but I guess I’m wondering if I’m really missing out by not taking it to that next step.

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It’s only worth it with some characters. Combo traits are usually harder to use with Combo Assist on and some linkers are not covered by Combo Assist, but that is character specific.

Glacius isn’t really held back by using Combo assist in any way other than losing one of his linkers. I think you should be fine sticking with combo assist and there is no pressure to abandon it if you aren’t comfortable with the default system.

You should have posted your query in the official thread since that’s where so much discussion has already happened over the pros and cons of CAM. You probably would’ve found the answer if you’d gone through the thread, its tedious I know but it’d answer your question without adding a thread that will inevitably be merged to that one anyway.
Growing the Community: Combo Assist Mode Discussion:

That said, it does give an advantage in that you don’t need to use the motion, but like @Crainiak24 said, traits are harder to use and you get only 2 linkers and enders even if your character has more than that. And you still have access to using the motions so even if you have it on, you can still use a different linker or ender. Its nothing more than what its called, it doesn’t help any other aspect of the game like spacing, neutral game, anti-airs etc.

am I the only one who wants to be able to turn off combo assist in my lobbies?

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I apologize that I didn’t. I looked through that thread and there were tons of posts and tons of replies especially in December. My question might be answered in there and I could have overlooked it. There were a LOT of posts in that thread. It wasn’t my intention to be lazy and just post whatever that’s answered elsewhere or anything like that.

For me, I’ve turned off linkers allowing me to get the maximum effect from it with characters like Spinal, Shadow Jago, and Sabrewulf. You’re still able to utilize their combo-traits without fear of dropping the combos. I utilize it to simply enhance my gameplay since I was already pretty competent before. I enjoy the fact that it minimizes the amount of motions, and since I know how play, I simply override CAM where I see fit.

No need to apologize like that. I didn’t mean to sound rude or anything, just pointing out a couple of things. Yea I know its tedious to read all of it (i did that, it hurt my brain for a while) but there is a search tool. Some keywords may have helped, the forums are actually quite nice that way, relatively easy to find things even if you just remember a few words… I’ll stop now, I hope you find the answer you’re looking for :thumbsup: