Combo Assist: Benefits and Unforeseen Consequences

whats up fellow killers and aspirants, im starting up a thread to see how everybody is feeling about the new combo assist we now have in the game. just a quick disclaimer, i support the idea of giving fresh blood, particularly to those entering the FG genre, a way in. a key to the door to open that gate we call the nasty barrier of entry for those who are not ready to deal with the likes of us who are experienced. its a smart idea on the part of IG/MS to include this avenue for our new players to get themselves started, so long as it doesnt cause atrophy of one’s skill, or hurt the game in a negative way.

before i ramble on further, this thread is so we can share our experiences in dealing with CAM users, while also providing our own personal feedback on how the system works. is it good for you? does it hinder you? how long did it take for you to grow out of it? conversely, this is also to discuss any unforeseen abuse of the system. please keep feedback constructive,and of course if anybody starts talking trash to eachother take it to PMs or go outside to the parking lot to settle the score there. ill share my own experiences after we get some posts done, until then /discuss!

edit: i am a noob. there is already a discussion LOL. mods, please close this thread or delete it. thanks!


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