Colour Pack Request

Hi team, @rukizzel @IronGalaxy

I would like to request a color pack for the color 10/11’s, I am positive i’m not alone when i say i’m over waiting for news about the figurines, as i am having a hard time trying to find a spinal figure for his color 10.

I have spent more money on this game than any other that i can think of, by purchasing the ultra packs through out the seasons, the defenitive edition, golden skins characters etc, I believe I have supported this game to it’s fullest since day one, i’ll be happy to continue supporting this game if you continue to provide the content.

This request comes from me being fussy and wanting to unlock everything in game, but I have hit a brick wall with Spinals colour. Please help me reignite “the grind” by providing this content.



I do support the idea of releasing colors. I would use the statement that you have spent more money than other people. Alot of us own the DE and got all 3 seasons as they came out. There are a few people here that went so far as to build KI cabinets. Those are the people who dropped some money on KI.


Well to be fair in my case I just wanted to have an arcade cabinet, making it KI themed was just because.

But yeah, I agree that it’d be nice to release the colors into the wild unless production of the figures is going to be picking up again soon.

So long as Ultimate Source profits from selling individual or bundled color packs then I wouldn’t mind this being a thing.

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Apologies, what I meant was for me personally i have spent more money on this game than any other game I have ever owned, which in short means although I do not agree with everything this game has become, It will always be in my top 5 most played/favourite games ever along side some of the final fantasy’s.

I want everything there is in this game unlocked hence my mission to request the color 10/11’s to be purchasable either individually or as a package.

I will give you that. This is also the game that has cost me the most money. I did not mean to come off as rude. I just have an issue when people think that because they spent more on the game that they deserve special treatment. At the same time though I feel that to get a voice you should have at least bought something in the game. Even if it is just a 5 dollar character.

I don’t know if the last part of your sentence was for me or just people in general, Just to clarify, I have purchased Shadow Jago and Kilgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle are free with definitive edition. If there were any other purchases towards characters I would have purchased them also. Requesting this color pack can only be a good thing for all involved and I hope they have read this topic :slight_smile:

I WANT MY SHAGO COLOR TEN, DYAMMIT! lol. I would love those colors to be released regularly.

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It was just in general. Like right now on the Marvel game they have a character for “free”, if you meet the requirements. People are complaining that the character is not free. He is free to anyone who bought anything for the game. You could spend as little as $5 and get him. Now you have a bunch of people crying that he is not free. He is if you bought something. Meaning g you don’t need to buy him too. People are complaining that they can’t play the whole game and not spend a dime.

This is what I was talking about. You don’t need to spend alot of money to be heard, but you should buy something to support the game. People have no right to complain about something if they have not spent any money on it.

It would indeed be a nice idea to add the color 10/11’s to the color section in the skin part of the ingame store.
I would definitely be willing to pay for these colors.

Another example would be Brainiac in Injustice 2.

  • Beat Story Mode
    Or, you can pay to autolock him (the price escapes my mind rn)