Do anyone remember I made Shark man “Khark” before Upgrade Ultra Combo Fourm? So, I make Shark man’s new name, backstory and moves!


Real name - Viktor Tur
Height - 6’5"
Weight - 421 Ibs
Age - 34
Origin - Russia

Colossus’s backstory - He was adopted by Ultratech. Viktor have been abused all his whole life and Ultratech want kill to him. But Viktor escaped from Ultratech, Fulgores soldiers try find to him but he disappear. Viktor become criminal and he want revenge. Many years later, ARIA was caught Viktor then ARIA erased his memories. ARIA put shark’s DNA in Viktor. He become big shark and more stronger than before! ARIA order him to kill Orchid, Jago, Tj Combo and Maya.

Colosuss’s moves

Command Attacks:

Sharp jaws (Forward + HP) Does three time bites.

Hardes kick: (Back + HK) If you quick tap back + hp then Colossus will fast kick but low damage. If you hold tap back + hp then let go. Can be charged for a while to make the attack unblockable!

Special Moves:

Rampage: ( :arrow_left: :arrow_right: + Kick)

Pain: ( :arrow_left: :arrow_right: + Punch)

Destroy: ( :arrow_down: :arrow_lower_left: :arrow_left: + Punch)

Instinct Mode - Death of Madness:[quote=“Fwufikins, post:8, topic:1505”]
-It might make things harder to break. For example, say it adds an extra hit or two to linkers, like Thunder’s triplax or Orchid’s flik flak. People will see a 3 hit linker and think its a heavy, but it’s actually an enhanced medium or light, locking them out and allowing for ridiculous damage.

So, what do you think about Colossus?


I like this human-shark hybrid character concept idea quite much already

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I hope IG pick this idea on having a brand new beast for KI. Sabrewulf and Riptor are returning characters so i wish they create their own beast fighter for KI. SharkMan is pretty much interesting. Like i’ve said in the old forums about the failed experiment of Dr. Erin Gupte to make sharks amphibious creatures spliced w/ human DNA which could live on both seas and lands. Thanks to the ultra advanced “cyberlung” this sharkman can finally deal with UT enemies.

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Sabrewulf - mammal
Riptor - reptile

What about fish skin? That’s why I want Shark join KI season 3.

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The idea is certainly an interesting one. Of course, I think his instinct should be changed. Sounds exactly like Season 1 Wulf’s instinct.

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He needs a different Instinct. That’s a better version of what Sabrewulf had Season 1.

Quick question. Why the name Colossus?

I know. But what do you want change his instinct? You can tell me, I’ll change his instinct.

Because Shark breed “Colossus” are biggest than great white shark.

Instinct would need to give him a distinct new advantage of some sort. Most characters have instinct modes that cater to some sort of weakness, things like enhancing abilities, making the character more mobile, giving them easier access to resources, or in some very special cases a brand new mechanic (such as feral cancels, webs, or firecat). In order to provide a good idea for instinct, we need a comprehensive idea of what the character’s playstyle will be.
Based solely on the moves provided, it looks like Colossus is a sort of rush-down/grappler mix sort of like TJ Combo, but with a heavier focus on the grappling side like Chief Thunder. I think an idea that would be more befitting of a shark’s tendency to frenzy while feeding would be to make special attacks to MORE HITS instead of just hitting harder. This benefit is 3 fold.
-It gives them a similar boost in damage at the cost of slightly more KV. but if it applies to enders, it effectively gives them a whole new ender level during instinct.
-It might make things harder to break. For example, say it adds an extra hit or two to linkers, like Thunder’s triplax or Orchid’s flik flak. People will see a 3 hit linker and think its a heavy, but it’s actually an enhanced medium or light, locking them out and allowing for ridiculous damage.
-It’d look pretty freakin’ rad.

Alternatively/additionally, instinct could benefit them with an enhanced forward “roll” in the form of the traditional shark swim, similar to Spinal or Riptor but providing extra distance and some invincibility frames moving in. Or maybe in this form he could have access to a DP/anti-air grab of sorts in the form of a sneak attack grab, lunging upwards like a White Shark hunting seals and slamming his opponent to the ground like Ermac’s throw from MKX. Personally, I’d think this sort of mobility feature/attack would be a good full time feature.

To balance out his instinct and make it truly important, make his regular combos relatively easy to break outside of instinct like Riptor, and make him a slow moving tank like Thunder or Aganos. Colossus will have to work for his meal, but deals food damage when he gets in (probably less than Thunder but slightly more than Wulf).

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Very amazing! I’ll change his instinct soon! I want to know your honest about Colossus’s backstory. His story is boring or good? Tell me please. I hope my topic get more likes.

I’m 100% with KI getting a big burly Russian Street Shark. It’d be interesting if he was originally a volunteer brought in with the goal of stopping cancer or something (since sharks are almost completely free of disease) but after the torturous experiments he broke and went rogue, swearing his vengeance as he (like Fulgore) suffers am existential crisis as he (like Sabrewulf) tries to come to terms with his new form.

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I don’t know about Russian because of course they don’t have sharks in Russia, kinda looks like saberwulf but I love white sharks its kinda different what about a cameo from the fish guy in Hellboy or that crazy dead ,dual sword badie in that movie.
Good thinking though .

But a shark in pants you know,i dunno

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I have to disagree on the “no sharks in Russia” thing. Obviously there’s no sharks within the country, but the do have coastlines. Coast lines that happen to include the Artic Ocean, home of the Greenland and Sleeper sharks. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Victor Tur was born in Russia.

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yeah but Greenland and sleeper sharks aren’t a very intimidating species compared to say the white pointer(Great white),Bull,Tiger or Mako or even the great Hammerhead. but remember the humanoid ,hammerhead looking pirate guy in Pirates of the Carribean ? That would be a cool cameo or Davey Jones,cool!


@Fwufikins Done! I just post Colossus’s instinct mode.

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If anyone want Colossus should get change his backstory or moves. You can tell me, what do you want change his new backstory or moves. I’ll change it! : )

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