Colors 10 & 11

Ola Caras. Queria Perguntar Para Vocês, Se Algyem Teria Algum Código Extra Se Poderia Ou Gostaria De Me Enviar ou Me Vender.

sjago10 11
jago 10
fulgore 10
sabrewulf 10
hisako 10
spinal 10
orchid 10 [/spoiler]

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I’m not an expert but I he is saying something like:

Hi guys! I wanted to ask if any of you have an extra code (for colors 10 and also Shago’s color 11). If possible I would like you to hand it or sell it to me.

Oi cara, voçe pode tentar falar com o jogador de Ultra arcade Brandon Alexander? acho que ele tenía os colores, mais ñao estou certa. (disculpa ñao falo portugues, falo espanhol)


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@MaruMDQ as always, I do appreciate your efforts, though!


No problem! XD

Maybe @FXLizMk can help this person.

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Leave me guys (and girls) !!
@BruteScroll32 I would recommend that you look at Brandon Alexander’s Face. He always makes broadcasts, and sometimes he publishes some colors available for the subscription to his Twitch channel. You can also talk to him (in English or using the translator), and see if he has the colors you want to sell. Another method would be to buy the actions figures, or watch out for sweepstakes.
You can talk to me in Portuguese to get more information about this colors.
I hope I was of help!

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Thanks guys! I would have translated it, but I’ve been kinda busy as of lately. Seems like you all had it under control. :slight_smile: