Colorado Tournament

Hey @TheKeits, @rukizzel, @TempusChaoti, @UltimateToy

I love KI and have been following it both casually and competitive since the start of Season 2. I have seen it come a long way and am proud to be apart of its growth. That said, one thing KI suffers from is it’s lack of being a mainstream game. Although, that isn’t a bad thing because our community is solid.

As of today, I am working on highlighting KI with an official local get-together/tournament scene called Auraria Esports Club here in the golden city of Colorado, Denver. It will be location on Auraria Campus and is sponsored by the Community College of Denver, Clutch Gaming and soon with Papa Johns/Black Jack Pizza. (

The club is barely growing but it will feature a vast selection of games like Overwatch, Call of Duty, Street Fighter and much more. Prizes such as cash, swag, collectables and so on will soon be implemented into tournaments.

My question to you guys, should KI become featured with Auraria Esports Club, is there any way we can have prizes such as character codes, swag and collectables? Also if their were specific guidelines that you can inform me about when hosting a tournament for KI.

Sure if KI becomes featured with Auraria Esports we can talk about giveaways.

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@CStyles45 Any possibility of giving this thread consideration or forwarding it to the peeps who make said decisions.

Congrats on the new title by the way.