Color section?

I’ve noticed that in the same menu where you can view/unlock mimic shadow or other skin packs there is now a color section. Anyone have any idea what this section will consist of in the future? Right now it’s blank

Omen is getting a color pack so that’s probably what it’s for,

Oh yeah, that does make sense. Though I wonder if eventually others may get color packs as well considering there’s a whole other section now.

I’m hoping for this exact thing with Terror Skins. There’s already been one pack that takes up a whole section. Why not make more?

80s/90s Neon Monster skins: Wulf, Kan Rah, Eyedol, Hisako, Spinal and Rash.(dark colors with pops eyeball burning neon detail)

It would be neat to get Red and Blue retro 3d effects(shaders?) too.

A man can dream! a man can dream!

Hell I’d buy a pack if it mean a red Fulgore outside of getting a figure!