Color 7 ideas

So a few of the newer characters got some fancy odd color 7s. We all know back in KI1 and 2 characters had a lot of color options. With Purple being the fad right now, I would love to see Fulgore get his royal purple on his retro. Make it reflective like Riptors purple armor. Just metallic purple nothing fancy. That’s what I would like to see, I’m sure everyone would love a color brought back! Post them here!

Id like orchid retro to get kims retro black & yellow
Also red and silver

A tan retro tusk with dirty blonde hair and eye smudge like khal of dothraki of game of thrones

A maya with mustard yellow
Hisako with different robes not just colors

Mira with different color options for retro outfit

Jago retro with ice blue

Retro sabrewulf with fur and freddy kreuger claws

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It isn’t fair that the season 3 characters get a 7th color and the others don’t.

I would suggest.
Riptor: Red color
Color 7: Glowing arms like in KI-1