Color 10 Spinal. What would it look like?

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In my honest opinion of course, most of the Color 10 slots looked pretty awful and bland to me. Especially Shago’s Color 10…shudders

I wondering what would Color 10 Spinal would look like, seeing as Color 8 and Color 9 looked awesome (again IMO).


I have been wondering about this myself a lot lately. Idk if they will be able to top his default for me but the figure is a must have so ill be getting w.e is when he’s available lol

What if they made his entire body (bones/skeleton lol) the glowy green similar to the skeleton in the back of his stage in the little boat, or like the fist that comes up for his throw? That could make things confusing though since that kind of happens to him when he activates his instinct :confused:


I was thinking that Color 10 Spinal would just a straight up Gold colored Spinal. Or Silver. Or maybe Crystal. Pokemon references lmao.

Oh and that Indiana Jones movie reference too.

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I’m kind of thinking his bones will have a radioactive green or purple glow; although that might confuse when his instinct is on, I suppose.

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I think a gold or silver would look pretty cool, I know he already has a yellowish looking one but I think a deeper actual gold looking color would be cool. It could also be an ironic nod to him being a pirate/bandit, since they are often depicted as really loving gold lol

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I would be fine with that. Especially if were the same gold color used in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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That would look really damn cool tbh. Not too shiny to the point of being cartoony, but just enough to tell its gold. i like it lol

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Here’s hoping that IG goes with that instead of something too harmful to some eyes.


Here it is:

Kinda cool (no pun intended).

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Frosted Spinal. Hmm…

Okay. I’ll take it.

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Nah looks rather bland to me… I would’ve prefered the crystal skull idea from IJ:TKotCS.


When will this and the spinal figure actually become available?

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Yeah it’s ok, but I think his mimic skin colorway would have been a much better color 10.

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