Color 10 & 11 on the Steam Version

I installed the Steam version after the Anniversary Update dropped and color 10 and 11 for all characters that had them where unlocked.
I thought this was part of the update.
Today I started the game again and they are all gone.
Was it just a bug?

Please give players just the option to buy the figure colors.
Especially since the codes don’t work in the Steam version and even on Xbox some of them are not available through normal means as some figures just never released!


Maybe they’re unable to because of some kind of agreement, but it would be really cool indeed if they included those colors. It would actually make this latest edition 100% complete. Hopefully enough people care and the devs can make it happen.

Granting the figure colours in Steam was an accident, and they pulled it back. It was never meant to be unlocked for all in the first place, apparently.

It was not, no, but it is a strange ad unfortunate omission nonetheless. I hope there will be a way to obtain them in the near future (which doesn’t involve buying codes from eBay scalpers).


yea i thought the exact same thing and after they disapeared i surmised thats why the store always has the ! there as now its trying to show something is unlocked while being uncomplete… anyways I hope we get those colors back as those were the only good colors for some characters (looks at fulgore & jago)