Cobra Kai season 2 thread *may contain spoilers*

so has anyone here seen it yet? i just finished it again for the 2nd time this past weekend. i have to say it was really good!

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I finally have seen it and what I have to say is

I feel really bad for what happened to Miguel and Jhonny, they are my favourite characters.
I kinda enjoyed S1 better, I felt this one had many things happening way too fast but nevertheless was ok.

i also liked season 1 better, but 2 was still pretty good. i liked how things went for the most part, but i do wish we wouldve seen more of johnny’s antics at tryin to make his students into badasses. the elephant in the room must be addressed though, and that is terry silver.

if you go and look it up, you’ll see that he is the ACTUAL owner of cobra kai and not kreese. maybe he will appear in season 3? hes been metioned in real subtle ways. however, thomas ian griffith really hasnt done anything in regards to TV or movies as far as i know. would be interesting if he did accept coming back for this show