[cmv] - it's the way u move + do you have the instinct

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I think that Killer Instinct is a very beautiful game that does so many great things. It’s combo system is unlike anything else and I want to show off how great this game is. I want to show that even without the crazy combo system, the game is full of creative combos and allow a ton of freedom. So with these mini CMV’s I wanted to accomplish a few things:

-No Auto Double’s or Linker’s (Shadow Linker’s are fine though if you can naturally manual after it without the manual buffer)
-Only level 1 ender’s (Shadow Ender’s are fine though)

All combo’s had to start with:

-Normal > normal
-Normal > special
-Special/shadow > special/shadow (if it was positive enough to manual after one of those naturally)

Basically, this is my take on what KI’s character’s would play like if they were in any other game. I want to show that beneath the automatic combo system lies a deep and rich combo system that might not be readily apparent to the standard viewer.

Also these aren’t the most amazing combos in the world but I’m just more so trying to show off what is capable with each character!

I hope you all enjoy!