Clutch buff over shadow Sand Spike

Kan-Ra’s clutch does double damage while standing over a shadow sand trap, is this intended?


I hope so. You have to stand on top of your shadow trap or in front of it. The area is 4-6 character length. If you hide behind your trap, it won’t work. Hits like a truck.

It makes me think that there is one single Kan-Ra lover at IG who sneakes in some secret buffs. The announced frame rate nerfs to swarm are also secretly changed.
You can also cross up your own shadow trap and it will push your opponents into you on block.

Whoever that is, thank you. But I am sure all of this will be gone in the next patch.

I can verify this, and chances are it will get removed in the Mira patch (about a week)

It got patched.

So sad it got patched out. Clutching opponents just aren’t the same.

It would be great if cursed opponents took at least 1/4-1/3 more dmg as opposed to double dmg from Clutch w/ Shadow Sand Spike. I could deal with that.