Classic Stages Remastered

Hey, so first time poster but been a fan since the original, brought the game for the PC release, thanks for doing that.

Anyway moving on the meat of the idea, why not bring back some of the Old KI levels as KI gold purchases with the old music? The Geometry of the levels are not really that complex and adding a new skybox and backdrop whilst not really the easiest task in the world wouldn’t really use that much development resources and as a consumer and one who is unlikely to be a minority, I’d be down to pay for the levels, so the work to pay ratio is in your favor.
Being blunt the music is already there and many of the original stages are basically big cubes, but damn it all I want to have a match on Orchid’s roof rave.


That would be great!

This is a great idea I would love to see this in the game!

Been waiting to see an actual rooftop stage like the original. Complete with major zoom in / out and rotation.

I honestly think classic stages would be a cool idea. Sadly, I don’t know if it would happen. The devs have pretty much decided that 20 stages are more than enough for any fighting game, and so they cut us off at 3 stages for this season, and they have already been released. What’s even worse is in the process they broke with the ‘every character gets their own home stage’ trend that many have seen as one of KI’s signature features and puts them a cut above other modern fighters. All that being said, I would see it as being highly unlikely.

Would love the sky stage, but would rather have new stage for all characters than just remade stages from the old games.