Classic comic scans?


Heyo. IIRC there was a short Killer Instinct comic series in the Nintendo Power magazines for a while back in the 90s, does anyone know where I could find scans or .pdfs or something so I could give it a look? I’m interested in what they made of the story back then.


Yeah I have been looking for a place to read them online too. I don’t have any comic shop near me so online is my only option, but I can’t seem to find them.


Here you go



For me it says this folder empty :frowning:


try again, if doesnt work i will upload it again



Oh wow they are there! Thank you so much dude!!! I have been wanting to read these for so long! You are the man!


Whoa, thanks dude. You’re awesome.


Bought each comic for 3.50 in near mint on ebay


I take down the link but if anyone wants them PM me


What for take down the link? Let it be forever!


Hehehe i need the space in the cloud =( but i will share it who whoever asks!!


I am researching Glacius and i would like the scans if that would be okay


Yo, can I get the link. Glacius is about to be used in a Death Battle and need research for it


Comic Scans


Comic Scans

Whats a death battle?? please post the research, i love the ice dude


A bit late now, but this series, they do a bunch of match ups. I wanted to read the series again before they released the video


Thank you so much! Great quality!! And very rare things!!!


cool series, but SPOILER ALERT
i dont think subzero can beat glacius hehehe


All links are down

Can you PM one please?

Thank you, much appreciated!


Can you set it online? I want this so much.