Cinder's story

Since they appear to be doing some minor retconning, I think they should update Cinder’s story to include that he was a convicted criminal (maybe exmarine turned criminal) who was promised early parole if he accepted being the subject of UT experiments. After turning into a fire being due to Ultratech experiments, he was offered freedom if he defeated Glacius. But after he was defeated by Glacius, he was “repaired” using the alien DNA and now he is ready for a rematch. This would be on par with the story of KI1. It would also explained where he was in KI2 (still in the present being fused with alien DNA at a secret UT facility, not at UT HQ which was sent into the past) and would give him a reason to want a rematch with Glacius.


YESS!! Thats what i’ve been thinking. Ben Ferris is the name of a thief. He used to be a criminal since when he was a teenager. A badass thug who has nothing to lose. Its kinda a mistake turning a thug into an ex-military for no consistent reason. His story needs this retcon doesnt matter if some famous youtuber has written it previously. His story has to be told in a right way.
And now im glad that Glacius isn’t iceman by default. Now im ok with the alien-hybrid stuff because can you imagine what would happen if they tried to create a being composed of fire and ice? This thing would die quickly.

He maybe could be an ex-military but exonerated by clandestine military weapon trafficking. Yes he sold military guns to the mafia and rebels and got expulsed from the corporation. That would suits him better.

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Thanks Crimson. If I may add, why did they make Glacius a “space lawman”?. WTF?. What about space explorer/scientist captured by UT promised freedom if he wins defeats Cinder?. I mean, what is wrong with the CANON story?. After Glacius defeats Cinder, he returns home, but left behind some of his tech, which he returns to collect in KI 2013. What is this “88 precepts” or whatever BS?

poor Glacius. They turned him into a space sheriff. Gavan tokusatsu you know…

So basically your questioning why is this game a reboot instead of a actual sequel? Just clarifying.

No Diagonal, they said this is a retconned game with elements of the original story. But why purposely deviate so much from the original story when you can use it?. It would fit very well in this case. Why not leave Ferris a convict who was experimented on, turned into a fire being, defeated by Glacius and then “repaired” using alien DNA?. Why make Glacius a “space lawman”?. I mean, yeah, they want to say it is a retcon, but if you can use more elements from the original story, why not?. In fact, they are already using so many elements from the original story, it seems they just say retcon to avoid criticism.

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+1 absolutely agreed


I remember reading that they changed the fact that he was a convicted criminal because they thought that if he was a convicted criminal, then he probably wasn’t a very GOOD one.

They gave him a background in ex-military and Kenpo to show that he has combat experience. They did consider the “learning from the streets” thing, but they didn’t see things like doing flip kicks as something you pick up from the streets.

And he wasn’t just defeated by Glacius, he was killed. As in no longer alive therefore not recovering period. Plus they’ve already established that most of KI2 would be non-canon because they hated the time travel aspect.


Yep, IG intentionally changed the convicted criminal thing so I highly doubt they’ll retcon it.

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Swordman, I just checked arcade KI2 attract mode and you are right; Glacius does go home “after slaying a fire being”.

Ok then, couldn’t the retcon instead say Cinder was not truly dead, or his essence was still alive or something?. Then they could say the “fatally injured Cinder” or the “mortally injured Cinder” or the “Cinder essence” was merged with Glacius DNA recovered from the battlefield and Cinder was “repaired” or “recreated” or “his essence was spliced with alien DNA to create a fire being alien clone of the original Cinder”. It fits the KI lore better no?. I mean, that way we know what happened to Cinder at the end of KI1, where he was during KI2 and gives him a purpose (rematch/revenge) in KI3.

He may have been ex-military but technically he is still a theif. Just more highly trained than a typical street-thug. lol a criminal is a criminal.

Honestly I don’t mind the story change he was still a criminal that got experimented on by Ultratech, at the basic level it’s still the same, he’s just not a normal street-crook like in the old games.

This explained it.

The thing is though @Darkmake72 this is technically a reboot, not a sequel.

I think you’re missing the point.

Killer Instinct 2 never happened. Now, Cinder never got killed or “fatally injured”. All that you’re thinking of never happened. There are only some aspects of it that remained such as Jago and Orchid finding out they’re related. This is a reboot, not a sequel.

@DarkMage72 the point that swordman09 here is trying to make: KI2013 is a reboot so it retains some of what the original had but none of KI2.

The point is dude: think of KI2013 as the first game in a new franchise. NOT a continuation of an old.

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I don’t know how old you guys are, but it is kind of crappy when they tell you that the games you played when you were younger, “Yeah, they never happened”. I understand this is a reboot, it is just that they are using so many elements of the previous stories and my “edit” really took nothing from it, would have fit the reboot and would be consistent with the older KI games. Bleh, whatever, that is fine I guess, what matters is the game itself. I am older and do not consider myself MS target audience, nonetheless I have loved KI since 1994. I feel the same way when they reboot Transformers (toy lines, cartoons) so many times.

I was really young when KI came out. Hell I played it on the SNES that’s how far back I remember it. I wouldn’t take it so personally to be honest dude. The thing is, until now we hadn’t had a KI game in 20 years so there may not of been a huge point in just trying to continue the series when alot of the story elements may not make since in today’s time. Other’s may not be quite as sutiable. In my opinion I think IG still retained what made Cinder, well Cinder. For alot of us this may be a good thing but it’s all just really based off of our own assumptions on what Cinder’s perosnality was like. It wasn’t clear if he was a smart criminal or just a thug in the old KI games. In this case, we know Cinder in KI 2013 is smart, and a capable fighter, albeit a litle too cocky for his own good.

I’m 26 now so I’ve been around since the SNES days and have played KI quite extensively. It’s one of my top 3 favorite fighting games.

Take everything one little bit at a time.

If it’s any consolation, you can say those games did happen but they are in an alternate timeline and now we’re on a new one.

Jeffron, I don’t take it personally. I am just a bit bummed, that is all. Even though I am a fervent fan of KI, I am not a passionate purist as others I have seen in the DH forums who consider this reboot total crap and an insult to the franchise. And you guys are correct, Cinder is still Cinder, and this is sort of a retelling of the story. I am not going to let that bum me out.

Take care.

I’m confused about this thread.

Is this a thread complaining about Cinder’s story as it now, and advocating for it to be completely overhauled to be what it was ‘back in the day?’

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Pretty much what the OP was saying. Though if you really think about it, it’s not that muc different. Except Cinder didn’t just start out as your garden variety thug. He was a guy that really knew how to do his stuff, he just got himself in trouble he couldn’t really find himself going into due to his arrogance. Especially when you consider it was ARIA he ended up dealing with. ARIA of course was understandably out of his league. In a since he was still a criminal who eventually got caught and experimented on. But he was for the most part an expert.

If he was just a normal crook he’d probably not even get that far into Aria’s building in the first place.

Aside from just being better at being a criminal not much has really changed From cinder’s backstory. Sure you got the military background but honestly Cinder’s original KI story didn’t go that deep either. All we knew was he just a criminal. We don’t know much else beyond that.

I thought Cinder would be some criminal from the streets until arrested. Ultratech released him for their experiments and they gave him a life in Ultratech.