Cinder's Match Ups

Creating this thread to discuss his MUs as we get better with him

I think Jago really gives Cinder a tough time. We can match him though , fireball to pyrobomb but that gets old quick and our Pyrobombs don’t deal a lot of damage. If we do get a fired up one though and depending on the distance, we can chain that into a juggle. Jago can also dp us as a punish if you do decide to do a raw Heavy trailblazer. Played a set with Thompxson the other day. he didn’t know the MU at first but once I started to tell him some of Cinder’s frames and how to punish, he started to take the lead again.

Thunder is another character that can give Cinder a hard time. His dp actually allows him to go through Pyrobombs while slowly advancing in on us. What helped me in this MU was the Burnout enders to his arms.

Played TxHotdog today in FT 10 against his Glacius and won. What helped was being a Glacius main and him not knowing Cinder’s frames either. This MU I feel like it can go either way honestly and you have to determine what kind of style your opponent is using Glacius as. If your opponent is relying on jumps/jump kicks to much to try and create space, leg burnout is your way to go. If your opponent is more grounded and uses hail a lot then go with the arm burnout ender instead. If they’re the type to rely heavily on hail and like to hold it, I like to use light trailblazer then diagonal trailblazer (any strength) to really go under the hail’s trajectory. Also if he’s jumping, try to anti air from the ground or just neutral jump and medium kick or heavy. You can catch the tip of his jump kicks hurtbox and knock him down without trading. If you jump in on him while he’s jumping, his jump kicks will beat yours out everytime.

I like the Sadira, Kan Ra and ARIA MU’s as well with him. I just need more experience with them and the rest of the cast to get some better info for each MU’s.

For me Glacius is the hardest opponent for Cinder, especially since Glacius has a counter for everything he does. But it isn’t impossible for Cinder to beat him. The hard part is getting in. Glacius’ defnesive options are pretty good in the hands of someone who actually knows how to use him. Couple that with Cinder’s trailblazers having no priority over anything (even shadow trailblazer falls short with not being fast enough to fly in from mid screen, or bein versatile enough to change in any direction) it makes getting in on Glacius tough.

Best solution I’ve come up with is try to stick some bombs on Glacius and detonate them if he does anything but block. basically condition to opponent to understand that if he has a bomb on himself you’re the one who makes the rules. If they just sit you can make your apporach but be careful of his attempts to sucker punch.

Once you’re close enough detonate to move in and take advantage of the block stun and begin your assault. To keep Glacius close to you, just be careful on wake up.