Cinder's LP and MP autodoubles look too similar

Anybody agree with this? I like to break combos based on the animation that im seeing, but these two always trick me when im trying to break them on reaction. Both look like a 1-2 straight punches.

You shouldn’t be breaking them on reaction, but they don’t really look all that much alike either. Heavies are about the only thing you could reliably break on reaction, but even so, they can turn into counter breaker bait if you aren’t careful. Mediums may be slightly reactionary to break, but you’ve got to be almost uncannily quick to react to a medium, or have an idea it’s coming.

Really though, I wouldn’t recommend trying to visually react to lights or mediums to combo break, and there aren’t many people who would. If you want to break mediums or lights, you need to be anticipating them more than reacting to them. If the opponent has a predictable habit of using his mediums or lights at specific points in his combo, then you’re better off making an educated guess break than trying to react visually. That’s the point of lights and mediums, they are made to be super difficult to visually break on purpose since they are so quick.

Maybe an opponent likes to use lights right after an opener, which you notice as a habit of his, so if you get hit by an opener again, combo breaker light on the first auto, and if he’s not changing his habit, you just got a successful breaker.

There’s a lot of mind games involved to breaking, and visually reacting is rarely something you can rely on. I would say if you want to learn to visually break something, heavies are about the only thing you’d want to learn. Otherwise, listen for rhythm of the auto doubles, notice overall patterns. Also, there’s no reason you have to break on the first auto double or first linker you see, and if you let his combo play out for a second you may notice a pattern or two at play. If those moves are going by REALLY fast, maybe he’s sticking to only lights.

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Mediums are reactable. Not everyone can react to them, mind you, but they’re definitely reactable.

The time differential is what I’d rely on OP - Cinder’s medium punch doubles are of course slower than the lights. Don’t try to react to lights - if you see a punch that doesn’t look like the heavy but is reactable, then break medium.


Thank you for your answers guys.

My OP was kinda incomplete and brief so i will try to explain better: i agree with you about the fact that the lights are not reactable(but the way i said it sounded like i was reacting to them). When i intentionally break a light i was definetely antecipating it. And i think as well the mediums are reactable, not easily as the heavys, but nonetheless, reactable, I break them on reaction a lot of times.

My main grip with these two cinder animations is because i dont have this problem(or feeling)with any other character in the cast. When i guessed wrong against pratically everyone i always think " ow i was wrong about my guess, but i clearly know which button i should have pressed to break it correctly", and that happens because i can clearly recognize almost all autodouble animations across the entire cast. except for these two cinder’s animations.

When i see these two during matches i always think “too bad i cant distinguish them CLEARLY like i can with the rest of the cast because they re too similar”. But maybe that only happens with me, so thats why i ve decided to share them and see people’s (maybe dev’s) reactions here.

Not as bad as omens kicks. It wasn’t until @Jeffron27 told me to watch the speed of the kick.

Try that with Cinder.

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I don’t disagree, but I will say it’s much more difficult. Also, to me, it’s a little character specific, given some mediums are pretty easy to spot (mainly Aganos) and still reactionary break.

I’d say your strategy of recognizing a medium break though sounds like a good idea too.

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