Cinder vs rash

I need some help against rash I know rash is a solid character, but he feels incredibly hard to beat as cinder.
Any advice would be great the biggest problems I have is that rash EATS my pyrobombs cinders best tool and without pyrobombs I have no way to pressure him, also cinders normals are so bad I can’t even seem to poke at rash.

Well, you’ve got a down+up DP that hits right above your head, so you’re actually doing a lot better in this MU than much of the rest of the cast. Cinder might not be able to easily approach Rash, but the same is very much true for him as well. If he tongues in, DP him, and if he wrecking balls, then block that and then DP him. Once Rash is grounded, he’s got a lot less options.


Rash manoeuvres a lot of the time, that means for you to set up bomb traps, detonate them and then try to link it with “Fire Flash” Down,Up+HK and then keep on getting into a high combo, this destroys Rash players with me, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you. Basically the whole idea is to prevent them from moving from one side of the stage to the other.

considering Rash isn’t a zoner, in theory it should be easier against him. If he’s eating your pyro bombs. it’s time to get in there and start playing hay-makers!

You both are gonna be in close combat from this point, however if rash gets away and you’re in range still, hit him with your infernos. He shouldn’t be able to eat that.

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Ok I see what you guys are saying but I am still stuck I know how to punish rash it’s actually pressuring him that I am struggling with.
It must just be me but how do you guys pressure without pyrobombs I obviously rely on them too much, but I thought I was supposed to I mean what other safe pressure does he have? And I am not wasteing my fired up on the low hitting inferno it is not worth it to me. Also when I finally manage to get rash in my frame traps it’s not like I get huge damage I rarely even get a combo. His ram attack is so good because you can’t punish it.

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Cinders target combos and quarter circles back punches are pressure tools. They are great for making block strings, mind games and mix ups. If you can’t zone (the bombs are zoning tools, not pressure) then get in and make your opponent press buttons.

Well, the pyre bombs are most potent as lockdown tools as opposed to true zoning, so I get what TC is talking about. From midrange Cinder doesn’t have great options for getting in without bombs out to keep the opponent from tossing stuff out.

I would suggest you rethink the “wasting” fired up on low inferno though - you can use it to hit confirm from very far away with shadow trailblazer, which will only hit two times and thus be unbreakable. Once you knock Rash down you should be free to work your standard Cinder pressure options - pretty sure the toad can’t eat meaty pyre bomb setups.

From the Rash end of things I just stay away, eat your bombs, wait for you to trailblaze, tongue you out of the air for full combo. Back off, repeat. The only time this match goes downhill for me is when I let Cinder get on top of me. Without meter Rash has no way of getting people off of him so just stay on him when you do manage to get in.

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Well, if he’s eating your pyrobombs, I would suggest using air pyrobombs instead, the changing projectile arc will make Rash’s fireball eating ability to whiff, and at full screen the tongue can’t reach you. Rash may have an 8 way direction tongue, but if you can get the pyrobombs to fit neatly at a trajectory between his grounded forward direction and his grounded forward aerial direction he’ll have a hard time catching them. I’ve managed to do this to some Rash players already.

The real problem is most Rash players I’ve faced don’t like staying at long range. If I find anything of value, I’ll let you know.