Cinder Unpunished


All this is on paper, doesnt applt online with lag, etc.The only time you can" punish" a cinder is if you guesd right and block his dp. You cant jump, you can meaty, you cant grab, everything is guesswork. Plus they always runing away, so annoying,


I have a suggestion. Everytime cinder does trailblazer. Mash light. It’ll work Everytime.


These are universal punishes how does it not apply to online? Lag also has nothing to do with the actual character.Not denying fighting him is guesswork but seeing a trailblazer and jabbing or dping right after isn’t.


New player here. What does it mean to be positive or negative on block?


Positive on block means that if you do a move, you can do something before the opponent can completely recover. Negative on block means the opponent recovers before you can.


Awesome. Thanks for the reply!


Well yeah, that’s what a punish is and that’s how it works for the entire cast.


Cinder is my 2nd fav char to play and I am working on getting much better with him because everytime I go to do a move I feel like I’m just spreading my butt cheeks with baby oil. He may have fast recovery that makes it seem like he’s too positive but that is just to lure us newb Cinder players into a false sense of secuirity. In reality he actually has SF2 Blanka PRIORITY on his specials, i.e. a simple jab punch will shut most of it down. Working on overcoming that is one of my top priorities as a rookie to KI3 wanting to have Cinder as a 2nd Main after Spinal.


Summon Suffering wasn’t a bad input imo. The 8wr system allowed you to buffer it from most of her 8wr moves.

As for Cinder, he’s very punishable. Check the frame data and lab it up in training mode.


Very true. It was also satisfying to pull off. On paper though it looked insane. :smiley:


When I first read the topic title I thought it was some newly discovered tech to make Cinder harder to punish so badly. I got excited. See my previous post above to realize the depths of my disappointment, lol.


I apologize for being so rude and devalued your work and the whole team involved in this, I feel ashamed of what I said, you were right, I’m sorry Keits.


Try p;aying Cinder and having your trailblazer punched out with a light attack. Also firedup flip-kicks can be punished upon landing. Everything Cinder does on block can be punishable save for a few things, but then again so do other characters.