Cinder & TJ Bro Fist Wallpaper

This has been my my wallpaper for the past 4 months. Use it if you want.
Full download link


… I’m laughing at what happens 3 seconds from now when Cinder ends it! :smiley:

yolo bro fist lol

That’s funny.

What I find more interesting, however, is if you look at Cinder, you can clearly see an outline of where a codpiece could be. I wonder if that’s what it would’ve looked like if they had kept it similar to the concept drawings… If so, I think I would’ve liked it better to some degree. I certainly don’t like how it’s all weird and out of shape there, that’s for certain… Also, having Cinder in his default accessories or in his retro (also with his default accessories) would’ve been much better looking IMO.

Metal fist and Fire fist are awesome!

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WOO hilarious! talk about stopping at the right moment.

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You’re welcome, btw. Heh.