Cinder player beats the crap out of Tusk! Live - Xbox Mexico fanfest 2016

Just goes to show, when you know how to use a character you can win it!

Good on the Cinder player! LIGHT EM’ UP!

The header on this thread is kind of misleading.

Sure the Cinder player “beat the crap out of the Tusk player,” but that Tusk player literally had no clue what he was doing…so does it even count?

Anyway, the crowd seemed to love it, and people cheering for KI is always a win in my book.

I dont know what is exciting about button mashers. Beside cinder is the more yolo of the two charaters with his invincible light dp and trailblazer rekkas. Tusk at least takes some thought and is slow, so u cant button mash well with him.

Tusk is probably more button masher friendly since one hit with sword normals does a chunk of damage. You don’t even need combos do deal great damage.