Cinder OTG Pyrobomb Tech

I know I’ve seen it around, people looking for tech to use the OTG. I found a few consistent setups if you’ve confirmed a hit with a Pyrobomb on them.

-Only the Sweep is breakable if you go bomb into ender
-Pretty nasty 1 chance break damage
-Works off most anti airs.
-Target Combo can be switched from the launch to a safer hit if blocked
-Can also be used to place more pyrobombs break free with no sweep follow up
-Some interesting instinct cancels can be done here as well

-I haven’t found a way to apply a bomb and the sweep in the same string (Only off a throw and an instinct cancel with 3 bombs was I able to add a bomb after exploding, then sweep into another explosion.
-Pretty easy to read if done multiple times
-Requires bombs on opponent and not getting hit
-Not much follow up variety to extend the combo (mainly just med trail blazer)

Anywho, just wanted to put this find here. I hope people build off this, it is very devastating in the corner though. There you can follow up with anything.

All Combo’s use a Jump Cancel Towards HK, must be towards or you cannot connect the sweep, and the sweep is mildly delayed, you’ll get the timing after a little while.

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Get a bomb on them jump cancel into crouching hvy kick