Cinder Juggle Guide (Will Update with Video Later)

I wanted to start with a basic intro to juggles for any Cinder looking for combo path advice or ideas that hasn’t started, or maybe even to grab some new tech to develop your own custom combo’s. His juggling looks impressive but, it’s a lot simpler than you’d think. Sadira and Rash’s juggles are much harder to do in my opinion. Anywho, let’s get to the nitty gritty!

Combo basics: Cinder can jump cancel similar to Sadira (not as good as her to spam auto doubles and manuals though, he literally jumps and allows follow up)

Anything that is a launcher, Target Combo’s ending in HP, Fired up DP, Cr HP can all be jump canceled into an easy follow up for basic juggles.

Easy Example: Fired Up DP > Jump (Towards) Air MK > Medium Trail Blazer > Air MK > Down+HK Recap > Auto Double > Choice Ender

Difficult Example: Fired Up Dp > Jump (Backwards) > Delayed Heavy Trail Blazer 2 Hit(second hit verticle) Delay Hp juggle > Walk Towards(slightly for spacing) St HK > Light Trail Blazer > Air MK > Down + HK Recap > Target Combo LP-HP > Choice Ender

Once you understand how all of his air normals influence your opponent, you have more time than you think to confirm a juggle combo. Each strength has different hitboxes, angles and the followups depend on when and where you choose to use them.

Air Normal Properties:
LP: Pretty standard mid hit with a little of upward velocity to your opponent.
LK: Hits slightly lower than LP but the same velocity upwards
MP: Has a slight downward angle so allows you to let your opponent fall longer before confirming for timing lockouts and if hit low to the ground allows a wide variety of followups.
MK: Is a crossup so can lead to some interesting combo’s when you try it at different heights or approaches. Examples being corner carry, changing sides mid combo and grounded followups.
MP: Has a downward hitbox so it lets you delay juggles looking for timing lockouts and due to that allows a lot of time for grounded followups and sometimes even air normal, land then jump into an air followup from that. About the same, maybe a few pixels higher launch than MK.
HP: Also has a downward hitbox and launches your opponent quite a bit, so much like MP you can delay juggles and easily land into jump for air followups.
HK: This is also a crossup (funky but timing is key) It also hits twice in the air if close, so it has the highest launching potential for Cinder and is one of the easiest air normals to do mid combo bomb juggles from. Hits mid same as the MK crossup.

Cinder has the ability to link anything as a manual in the air and grounded, there are only a select few situations where he only has 1 or 2 buttons to press but even those you can manipulate the timing to give you more options. The only move he cannot link at will is heavy Fission. It is extremely + on block and has a few setups but it’s long startup limits it to unique situations as a link.

Another thing to add would be pyrobomb conversions, the ability to capitalize off these is quite useful and can make or break a good Cinder from the best Cinder.

This was one of my best clutch pyrobomb conversions.

Another Scramble Bomb Confirm vs Fiyah Liger

More to come!

Here’s the first video I may make some combo only ones later but it’s just a matter of learning how his normals react in air, knowing what height they launch at and reacting with trail blazers to link combo’s. You can do a lot of crazy stuff off an air to air if you’re ready for it. The best Cinder’s will capitalize off all of their potential hits.


Can I post my vids here?

Of course! That’s how everyone learns and improves. Post combos and whatever you wish, I’ll be posting in video everything described in text so leave that to me. I will show off some technical combos and bread and butter ones as well. There’s plenty of style videos out there but, none of them are explained how to execute them. That’s what I want to do in video.

Alright, first of all:

I will make an updated vid of this, as quality is not great.



I have not tried to explain exactly how to do those, just showcased them. I will redo the first one in the nearest future. I hope you will have great time!

Yeah I saw yours, those were nice. I just want to get the basics out there first, like, show air links, flowcharts or at least a foundation so you can develop your own style from. I’ll start working on the videos tonight, I just had time to type all of this out for now.

I’ll watch those, best wishes, glad someone is taking his time to actually provide the basics.

One last thing, do you want here posted simple highlights from games, where conversions come into play, similar to your clip?

Anything is a teaching element, once you understand how they work in basic form, you can put together how the complicated combo’s work and are possible. I’d like it to stay constructive, like if you post a conversion, maybe a small explanation? Something so when people see it, they will understand why or how it worked and maybe it was a specific situation, things like that.

My bomb conversion was a luck of the draw, I managed to convert in a scramble and because of it, won the round vs a slippery opponent. Also shows that I waited for a lockout before recap. Make him guess first.

Some tech can be found in videos like this too. Optimizing KV or if you just want to swag on your opponent or something. Some parts of this combo are Aganos specific, Cinder is one of the few characters in the game to have character specific combo’s. It may work on Raam, haven’t tried, but it doesn’t work on Gargos, I don’t know who is taller honestly.



Thank you. Both of you.

I used to do that online and did it in a tournament once, but stopped once people started breaking the recap more. My problem was that I actually used it in matches rather than Ultras lol. There’s some other stuff you can do with it though if you don’t care for combo length.

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I did a couple takes of the video, ended up long and with a lot of rambling, going to try and get a more structured one recorded tonight possibly. I want to cover just the basics but I always get ahead of myself lol… Cinder does that to you.

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First guide/tutorial video is up. Any suggestions or structure ideas are welcome. I’m not a media major, I just throw things together and kinda wing it as I’m recording with an idea in the back of my mind. Execution while talking is another task all together but I feel it adds to the video to make them live. Otherwise if anyone has situations they’d like to see, I can make small clips for those too, just @ me with your idea’s or DM me and I’ll be sure to tag you in the reply. Thanks and hope this helps everyone!

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