Cinder is in Final Fantasy 15

Ray Chase the voice actor for Cinder in Killer Instinct 2013 will be playing prince Noctis in Final Fantasy 15. Awesome, can’t wait for November. :grin:


He made Cinder so yada yada at the trailer. It’s not his fault that Cinder’s personality was misundertood to something utter cheesing. It’s a pitty he couldn’t nailed what Cinder is supposed to be. Truth is Cinder is a sacarstic person. But gameplay wise its fine. As a long time fan of this character i wish they don’t go over the top with his personality. Specially for a next installent of the franchise. Make him more quiet. Something like MKX Tremor. Cinder should just yell some

That’s actually pretty cool.

I’m kinda happy with Cinder as he is now. I’m not sure how he didn’t nail Cinder’s personality. Then again, as I’ve said time and again, I never played the original KI games so I don’t have nostalgia to look back to and make a comparison.

I have however seen parts of the old KI comics and watched some videos on his story, and really fail to see where he went wrong in his depiction of Cinder. If anything he improved on an old character built around the time he was in rather than as a timeless character people can relate almost a whole generation later, or several gaming generations either.

By the way, I’m not trying to single you out or be dismissive. I just don’t understand where he doesn’t play up to the original Cinder.

Also, Tremor had has one lines and sarcasm too, and isn’t exactly quite. He had his serious moments with an occasional attempt at humor and sarcasm.