Cinder Inferno buff?

*Redid the bugged Inferno frame data to make it more useful in combat.

I haven’t had a chance to try it out in a match since my Live subscription ran out but Inferno seems to have some potential now. I imagine it coming in handy in Glacius matchup actually… Anyone finding success with it?

Its not a buff. Its a fix. Frame wise light inferno is supposed to keep you safe but for some reason , he was negative even on hit. They finally fixed it to the way he was initiallydesigned.

OK. Any opinions on the usefulness of the move?

I would think it’s used best as a spacing tool to keep the wulfs and tjs at bay.
Or also considering that it hits multiple times, I bet it’s quite effective at catching armoured opponents off guard.
Now since the data is fixed these uses will be safe like they were intended.

But hey I don’t play cinder so maybe I’m way off :stuck_out_tongue: