Cinder Help: How to put out a fire

Like the title says: a topic for how to fight against Cinder. I encourage Cinder experts to help anyone in need at their descretion.

This is a topic meant to help those who want to learn about fighting Cinder. Please be respectful of with your posts.

To put out a fire, you simply need to stop attacking with the burning appendage(s) - the fire will then go out on its own over time. Alternatively, you could try a fire extinguisher, a firehose, a heavy blanket to smother it, or simply stop, drop, and roll. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:fire: :fire_engine:

If you know how to properly stop Cinder’s options, it’s VERY hard for him to find an answer. I won’t say how for my sake. :smiling_imp:

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If you arm is burning, don’t use punch
If your leg is burning, don’t use a kick.
A Combo Breaker will also extinguish.

Call me crazy, but all three matches i played on ranked, vs cinder, on Thunders stage, when the second round started, and i was on fire, the RAIN PUT IT OUT FOR ME!!!

No it was probably a Level 2 Ender. That doesn’t last long enough to go into the next round.