Cinder Execution question?

How come when I try to do the Explosion linker,I sometimes do the battery ender? I use analog stick but when I do the linke with dpad,it works normally. Is this a thing where the back forward and quartercirlce inputs got mixed up?

Do you have Combo Assist on? It’s Quarter-Circle Back so you must be doing Forward instead. Or maybe your inputs are a bit too wild. People had the same issue with the Inferno Linker and the Fire Flash Ender. I’m sure some people still do too.

Yea I use the D-pad and had this issue a whole lot. Hasn’t happened in a while though.

No combo assist. Probably it is me pressing downforward at the beginning so it messes it up due to me being on the analog stickand it isn’t that precise.

Yea used to happen to me in the beginning too, still does occasionally. Happened less often when I was using the analog stick for motions.