Cinder Ender Idea

Just a little idea I had. Instead of his battery ender, Cinder would replace it with a heavy knockdown ender, but with a twist. He would apply a number of pyrobombs corresponding to the level of the combo. You would not be able to blow these up on the knockdown, but can be used to open up your opponent via grab or other mixup. It would do the same damage as a wall splat ender.

Level 1 Ender: 1 pyrobomb
Level 2 Ender: 2 pyrobombs
Level 3 Ender: 3 pyrobombs
Level 4 Ender: Shadow Pyrobomb

What do you guys think about this addition? Would it be a strong alternative in his kit or completely unneeded?

Sounds too good. There’s so much you can do with one pyrobomb lol

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It is creative, for sure. Question is, would it be a good replacement for a burnout ender?

Not really, I didn’t intend for this to replace burnout as I think it’s essential to getting damage as Cinder. Unless they redesigned Cinder in a way that was more focused on his pyrobombs then I think the ender would not replace burnout enders.

Free meaty/plus frame pressure on any knockdown (that can also lead to 10% chip whenever Cinder has meter)? Would be way too strong imo.

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Cinder already has plenty of ways to add bombs after an ender. He shouldn’t need an ender for em. Damage ender allows a medium bomb thrown immediately, wall splat after a sweep or any strength manual canceled into heavy bomb and many more if you play around with it. But as mentioned, free chip, free safe jump, free application of white life, too strong. And it would completely destroy the Aganos matchup. You do your ender and force him to sit there or risk multiple chunks to do literally anything meterless and gimp himself after.