Cinder Desktop Background


Nice! Is it possible for you to make a Shadow Jago Desktop Background photo?

I was about to say, can you hook me up with a Spinal one :smiley:

That does look awesome though man, the hint of orange in the back looks perfect with it.

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now all i need is a kim waifu background so i can have cinder as the lock screen and kim as my desktop background so i can rep my mains on my desktop

Cinder’s hotter than Kim Wu


Damn it, the toastyness is real with cinder

I’m surprised you didn’t try to get cinder without his mask on the picture

I like his mask. I think the straight up flame face is kinda overdone.

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Great job!

I’ve updated the Original Posts with a no Text Variant and now they are both at 1080p

true straight up flames is overdone but classic cinder face is more lava than fire compared to retro cinder and etc. the lava effect on his skull though is amazing! especially how it looks like with the mouth melting and dripping inside of itself as he talk!

Check the Shago Section.

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