Cinder Costume Idea- Mid-Transformation!

Greetings fellow Killers,
I’d just like to start by saying that as much as I love Cinder I don’t believe that Pre-Transformation Cinder would be a character worthy of a roster spot. Kilgore is awesome because he’s an obsolete version of Fulgore with his own unique gameplay and story. PT Cinder is a different version of the same character, not nearly as compelling imo

Now, to the actual purpose of this thread…

Cinder’s story really intrigued me because although Aria would have forced him to undergo his radical and unimaginably painful transformation, he willfully and even joyfully accepted the offer because it made him more powerful and, well, awesome.

I was always curious though as to what this process looked like, and what Cinder looked like when he was human. We’ve seen the failed experiments at Fury’s Core, but Cinder ain’t no failed experiment. I imagine he would still be as cocky during his transformation as he was during it.

To get to the point, I want a Cinder costume at his halfway point, the side of his body where his inferno arm is fully realized, but the other half is still human but catching up. This includes his face where we would get to see Cinder’s human likeness. The containment suit he would wear would be a jank version of the fluid hexagonal veil, so I’m thinking a lot of metal and wires.

Were I a decent artist I would happily draw him, but sadly I’m still learning. If any of you feel inspired by my ideal draw him I would be indebted, but I’m not requesting this of anybody in any fashion. Drawing takes time and skill, and I wouldn’t presume to take those for free.

would love to hear your comments and suggestions, and I apologize if the idea is a tad underdeveloped.

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I think human cinder should be an alternate costume for cinder.

me persoanlly I don’t like the idea of a pre-transformed cinder, the idea I get is some normal guy in a hoody doing flip kicks and such which just sounds like something better suited to street fighter since it’s so…well, dull in the idea.

On that note I can get behind the idea, though in my opinion it will never be as cool as Cinder fully formed.


While I like the idea of seeing cinder human, a normal guy performing trailblazer makes zero sense and would look reall jank imo

It wasn’t really meant to be to surpass cinder’s cool factor, just add to his design and lore a lil

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@TheCobra50 @JEFFRON27

He could be wearing some kind of uniform that represents him as the skilled mercenary that he was before becoming cinder. Along with attachments that make sense according to his moveset:

Inferno - Fire comes from weapons attached to his arms.
Fire Flash - Fire comes out of flame boosters attached to his legs.
Trailblazer - The flames from both his arm and leg attachments merge, surrounding his body with a fiery shield.
Pyro Bombs - These could be replaced with sticky grenades or some kind of explosive that can stick.

I like this idea. Half human half fire cinder as a costume would certainly be interesting especially if certain parts of his body is in various stages of transforming. Or it’s slowly consuming him from the right side to his left.

Of course his instinct would make him have a flaming skull instead of taking off his mask XD for extra awesomeness. Seeing his face transition numerous times from fire skull to human face with features would be a challenge I think the animation designers could accomplish.

Edit. I like this more than the human mercenary cinder costume idea honestly

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They could merge both mid-transformation ben with mercenary ben ideas into one.