Cinder color 10 thanks to US Virus916

Just wanted to thank Virus for the code and invite people to visit his stream, he makes giveaways for everyone very often while also you can learn how to play watching this guy!


Niceeeee. Yeah I started following him a while ago and by chance also friended him on Steam since we’re in the same city/FB groups. No sparring yet, not til I can maybe do a dent on him lol.

Cool, I won my Cinder 10 from Brandon UA and his band Heliosaga. Never heard f Virus… hmm Ill check him out.

I wish I could get one somehow. It’s the one color I’m trying to get, but I had to work over today and miss the stream.

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Is there any way of getting the color 10 code ?

Not much, you could check out the KI Streamer “Virus” on twitch and he tends to give out color codes every once in a while. You’ll just have to hope he has a color 10 for Cinder. Other than that, you’re probably out of luck, they were never made available as a DLC you could purchase, and were meant to be sent out with the season 2 figure line they had planned but was ultimately cancelled.