Cinder aesthetics: smooth dancing flames

In the old forums, i’ve made a question about how Cinder flames has a weird blaze, like if they were spraying out of his body and if IG and its VFX team has some intention on revamping his flame aesthetics. Adam Heart a.k.a. The Keits replied me back and told me that in the future, we’ll see some new blaze animations through Cinder’s body. I’ll keep this topic as a reminder and ask Mr. Heart to keep his promise alive. I guess we all want to see Cinder as a gorgeous flame being. Even better than he looks now.

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Flames are a tricky effect to approach. Most videogames always have difficulty approaching it in some manner, and nailing a photorealistic effect isn’t alwasy practical. However, when animated poorly, whether by bad color transitions, improper shading, failure to produce a light source, or behave in a manner similar to how fire should, it can easily ruin the illusion.

Personally, I don’t find much of a problem with Cinder. He’s not just modeled after being a creature of fire, but also that he is almost like a living sun. If you have ever watched videos of NASA recordings of solar flares and storms, or what little footage there is to observe these phenomena, you’d also notice that some of the effects present on Cinder model the events of a solar storm kind of nicely. The circular swirls of burning plasma are one nice touch they did.

I also like the small flickers of burning embers being carried off by light winds, dancing slowly as they travel off him. Cinder’s body animations aren’t just based on fire alone. However, from time to time you can see how bad certain sections become.

Are you wanting an effect similar like in the logo for Pinball FX 2? Because that actually almost seems pre-rendered.

Also, If you want to see REALLY bad flame effects, select Dormammu in MvC3. His fire effects can get pretty terrible at times.

Fire is hard to animate. Believe me. I’ve had remade several partical maps and a bunch of other stuff with particles in 3Dsmax dozens of times.

Granted I like how his flames shoot out because it could be an indication of how powerful he is. However what I also like is he’s got little solar flares coming out of him like he’s a human shaped star.

Then why Spinal’s wrath (the green energy that blazes through his skull) has a billion times better blazing animation? Spinal’s wrath has a faster animation but if it was going to be applied at Cinder, the animation speed should be dramatically reduced. Cinder flames actually looks like some sort of “harsh” fire. Its sad because it doesn’t exploit the full graphical potential of the 8th gen xbox one console. Even for a game that actually runs at 900p. I don’t understand why IG didn’t wanted to recycle some of the animations that was already in the game back at season 1. It could be a lot easier but they took another route with Cinder. It looks good now but i believe it can be revamped to look almost perfect.

I never said it was perfect, I just said that it was an indication of powerful he would appear and that I like it. I will agree that it could obviously use some improvements but maybe you should ask IG and ask them how easy it might be to revamp those firey effects? : p

Hi. I never said this.

You don’t remember? At the old forums dude… :confused: :anguished:

You’ve said you was personally shocked about me being worried about how Cinder looks because of my uncompromised nick/avatar which was Green_Cinder. You’ve said it to me on some of the Q&A sections.
You really don’t remember.

Oh great, now the season 2 forums are dead.

It’s true, although I do like the solar flares swirling on him there are a lot of fire effect mistakes and the way the fire behaves around on certain parts of his body outright don’t make any sense. First of all, fire wraps around what it burns and moves upward so his thighs and his lifted arm in his pose should have that under and over flame wrap as the photo I attached indicates. His core should be a little more darker since it is or should be like coal. Also the mask and shoulder plating doesn’t animate right because it is barely showing that it is engulfed by rising flame. It is as though he has no fire in front of his face mask and shoulders and there should be more of a transition from the core body to those shoulders and mask because color wise there is no transition, it is just one color but like coal it should be darker to lighter (it is hard to explain but easier to show with colors)

its even worse for people like me who has astigmatism. Doesn’t look any good without glasses. Mandatory use of glasses confirmed. Man i wish the xbox one was a 4k console. Please Microsoft, make it happen with your future xbox. And make playtonic the 2nd party developer of some possible new KI.

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the only thing that might be an issue is will it require way mroe particle effects to obtain this effect? If it does you can expect alot more frame lag if it’s done. Other than that yeah I think this would be a nice effect. For now though I wouldn’t think of Cinder as a walking piece of burning wood. I think he’s going to behave more like a human-star.

Technically speaking: Cinder’s made of plasma, not fire. But the fire he inflicts on his opponents can count because of the heat from when he does his burn out enders. I use this evidence from his introduction story in season2.

Let’s think about how plasma would behave if it was contained in a same way as Cinder.

You sound like the world is going to end. Maybe I’m wrong about that. Also: I noticed you sound passive aggressive as well. Sure te flames may not match expectations but it can be improved. So don’t worry your head so much. : p

We are at still a long ways off before the tech to make 4k feasible on a home console without making it a ridiculously high price point is still far off. 4k TVs right now are so high in price, and 1080 is not a bad quality point for now, as they have mass market saturation at this point, and are becoming increasingly affordable and more tvs can easily hit this manufacturing milestone. Trying to make a console for that absurdly high marker like 4k isn’t market feasible at this point, and won’t for several years to come.

Isn’t Cinder a plasma guy instead of fire now? Well more plasma anyway. `

Its the same excuse they used before for Cinder on classic KI. As they couldn’t approach to a realistic burn through Cinder body they came out and say " HEY IT’S NOT EXACTLY FIRE, IT’S PLASMA! ". And he was left with his body just glowing surrounded by fire sparks. You know what they really wanted to do with Cinder, but they couldn’t. It’s the same issue over and over and over… Just like a curse for that character.

At the KI making-off on Rare Replay, Kevin Bayliss clearly says they wanted to do a fire being. No plasma, no gas, no nothing. Just a blazing creature. But N64 hardware was very limited at that time to reproduce “realistic” fire effects.

I don’t understand. Its the 21st century, 2015 and they still having the same graphical issue even with some powerful console called Xbox one… I can’t believe Spinal’s skull blaze still looking better than Cinder flames.

someone please fuse this with the other Cinder-design related posts please.