Cinder aesthetics pt.2 - Flame aura rework

Kilgore overheating flames fx are awesome! Please exchange the current Cinder aura with this new one.
I’ve picked blue Cinder for this demonstration and i think the new effect looks way more accurate and much closer to a real burning. Please give him a new flame aura like this:

I like the current Cinder aura and here’s why:

Cinder is supposed to be made of plasma, not fire. Even though he can light things on fire.

Cinder is supposed to look like the sun if it had a human shape, so imagine it more like a star than just a walking flame.

Also unless the colors match the flames this isn’t something I honestly can get behind.


I’ve used the blue Cinder as an example. The color 1 Cinder get white aura so it couldn’t be shown better. Anyway it has to combine the same colors. Just feels more realistic and accurate for a flaming being. His actual aura has aliasing issues on most of tv screens. I use LCD screen and it gets really pixelated… I guess this may get even worse on 4k pc’s.
I still believing that the plasma thing was an excuse because rareware couldnt approach very close to a more reallistic flame effect with the silicon graphics. I wish so bad they’ve exchanged his aura with this new one they are using on Kilgore overheating flames.

@developers :pray:

I simply prefer the plasma look over simple walking fireball though now if they did that for the classic Cinder I’m fine with that. Our case is simply out of preference though.

Sorry your tv can’t do much with that aura.

The way I see it, it needs to be different so that you can tell between the characters what fire is what. Cinder also can’t have too much covering him because you need that visual indicator to tell when he’s Fired Up or not. I guess the color can be different but I think you know what I mean.


I would agree the change can become a practical flaw on other points.

Personally I’d rather at some point down the line if they do continue making this game or at least when/if they start the next one they can refine those effects on Cinder.