Cinder Advanced Juggles Pt. 1

This is just the beginning! More content to come :slight_smile:

These juggles are meant to be practical & difficult for the opponent to break. I try to not use Afterburner(2nd/3rd trailblazer after the first) often because of how easy it is to break. IMO, Afterburner should be used sparingly unless we are talking about Season 2.

These juggles are spacing dependent.

Like Color 10? Good news! Ultimate Source is releasing the Cinder figure THIS SUMMER


I NEED this in my gameplan!

THANK YOU! FINALLY! I’ve been wanting that color FOREVER! It’s actually happening now. I hope it comes sooner rather than later.

Shout out to @swordman09 for these juggles


Holy shadow lord! That’s why he’s my favorite Cinder player. :slight_smile: