Ok…here’s a question. When do aganos chunks NOT come into play (as in he has them but they don’t function.)

All I know is when he’s in the air and heavy attacks. Is there////something else that causes them to be bypassed?

Also since when does chunks slow down his shadow counter?

In my experience nothing else besides throws bypasses them other than glitches/bugs.

Also, I don’t believe chunks slow down his shadow counter at all (although I could be wrong - I’ll double-check just to be sure).

Can’t answer that last one, but you forgot throws. Throws, grounded heavies to grounded Aganos and Aganos in air make chunks null.

Just edited my post before seeing yours, but thanks!

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No problem! I was actually writing mine when yours popped up and thought, “Well do i even need to post this now, I’m sure his will say the same thing.”

Well I’ve noticed it before where if aganos does certain things and if he’s hit with chunks they are irgnored as if he never had them.

I do believe chunks slow down his Sc because I just came off testing it vs shago’s shaodw divekick and…if you try to SC any hits but the 4th you’ll get beat if you have 2 or more chunks AND the chunks don’t kick in to save aganos either.

Chunks also don’t function during pre jump frames, so during this time he can be hit for a full grounded combo regardless of Chunks.


I’m still looking into it, but even if you’re right and they do slow him down, the chunks still off-set most any potential hits he might take during the shadow-counter.

EDIT: I don’t think there is any difference with his shadow counter from what I can see.

But if you’re hit out of the SC the chunks don’t work.

That’ll only happen if the hit is a grounded heavy normal, like with Jago’s f.HK, (since the chunks will absorb everything else) and you’re not likely to miss the timing on something like that, so…

Oh you’d be surprised…

Yeah, that’s a bug (or intentional break in the rules) that’s existed since he was released in Season 2.

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So chunks aren’t supposed to work just because? That doesn’t make sense.

Welp, I reported it back in Season 2, but it’s still in the game. Maybe it’s intentional to make Aganos players have the same precision on SC’s as everybody else?

Back in Season 2 when TJ could cancel hit #4 of Shadow Powerline into an exchange, I would try to SC hit #3 and armor through #4, but I’d get stuffed every time.

Hmmmmm…but then why have his SC be slower when chunked up? It makes no sense. It’s the worst of both worlds at that point when SC’ing.

I’m confused, I think. What’s the bug? He still absorbs hits with his chunks even during his SC - I just tested it against Fulgore’s DP.

Do it against shago’s shadow dive kick. SC the first or second hit and see what happens when you have 2 or more chunks.

That is weird - at 4 chunks Shago opens him up (despite having chunks); @ 2 and 3 chunks, the chunks absorb the hit, andAganos wins anyways; @ 1 or no chunks, Aganos SC wins outright without losing his chunk (if he had it).

Even with 2-3 chunks aganos can still lose. With one chunk can win. With no chunks he trades depending on when you SC.

Either way, he shoudn’t get hit when at 4 chunks until they’re all gone.