Chris De Leon on his main vocalist role on "Herald of Gargos"

Chris De Leon has uploaded a video talking about how he was chosen by Mick Gordon to be the main vocalist for “Herald of Gargos” today. To me, it was unexpected since I (or maybe “You”) haven’t really heard from him in a long time. (Note: "Touch Me And I’ll Break Your Face is playing while he’s driving at the time of recording. Plus the recording itself is really old).

To me this is pretty cool hearing this story from him. What do you think?


Very cool! And an awesome track giving the Jago theme a metal vibe. I haven’t played this game since the spring due to just life, but I still love it. Really hope this franchise has more coming in one form or another due to the care that IG put into it.

Plaudits to ThrashHeavy and Mick.

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