Choosing The Same Color

So if I choose the default color of Glacius and my opponent also chooses the default color, are we both seeing “fake” colors on our opponent? What will happen if we both picked Gold? Seems kind of a waste that if we choose Gold, the other guy won’t see it on his opponent.

Also if online when both players pick the same color, your opponent will show the default color. If both players pick the default color your opponent will show color 2.

Yes, you always see the color you picked for yourself while playing an online match. If your opponent picked the same color as you (which is possible in this game), he will appear as color 1 on your screen (while, on his screen, he appears as the correct color and you appear as color 1). As Wrath said, if you both pick color 1, then the opponent gets color 2.


I honestly thought it was just whoever picked the color first like in local. Boy I feel silly.

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